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Aerobic / Dance Floors

Sport Court® WI has been supplying safe, suspended aerobic flooring for Wisconsin for years!

Sport Court  Wisconsin is your best choice for a wide variety of fitness and aerobic area flooring. For aerobics, yoga, Pilates, stretching and more! Maple Select delivers a stunning, wood-grain look for multi-purpose use from the dance floor to the aerobic studio, our floors are built to perform and look good! We can customize the level of shock absorption depending on your needs!

Pavigym Aerobic Flooring

Pavigym provides a beautiful cushioned space that delivers great looks and easy cleaning. We install Pavigym aerobic flooring, specifically designed for activities in group-exercise rooms and studios. Our aerobic flooring has increased impact absorption, and protects against fatigue and risk of injury.

Aerobic Pavigym

Air Flooring System Technology

The jump impact is absorbed by millions of micro air-bubbles which adapt themselves to the foot and return the energy.

Movement Protection

Our surface facilitates fluid and safe movements, without blocking or slipping, therefore protecting the joints and muscles involved in the exercise.

Fatigue and injury reduction

Tests carried out on our aerobic flooring demonstrate its high ability to absorb impacts (45%), therefore reducing the risk of stress on the joints, and medium to long-term injuries.

We offer endless design and customization possibilities for your home or facility aerobic room.