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Interactive Court Builder

Use our Court Designer to design your own backyard game court. Choose your court dimensions, colors, and accessories. You'll have the opportunity to print or email your design to your local dealer where a Sport Court sales representative will follow-up with you soon after to discuss your project details.

Sport Court Multi-use Game Courts are the perfect answer forfamilies who want the versatility fora variety ofsports and activities in one court. From the perfect basketball court, to over 15 games all played on one court, we cancustom build a court just for you! Sizes vary from 25'x45' up toa fantasticcourt for every sport at 45'x80'. Just a few of the sports you can play are: Paddle Tennis, Pickle Ball, Quick Start tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and of course Basketball. A typical court is built from start to finish in 3-4 days, that means you're playing with your family on your very own court soon!

Sport Court WI is the official Sport Court builder for Wisconsin so contact us today for friendly, hassle-free estimate. We custom build every court to fit your yard, your budget and sport.

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