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All Wisconsin Sport Court Dealers

1) Sport Court North- Western Wisconsin, Hudson/River Falls area.

 Kevin Zwart - kevin@sportcourtmn.com
 Phone: 612-803-8614

2) Sport Court Madison

Bill Bull - Bill@sportcourtwi.com
 Phone: 608-237-1570

3) Sport Court Wausau/Eau Claire/Green Bay

Mark Schreier - mark@sportcourtwisconsin.com
 Phone: 715-370-7683

4) Sport Court Milwaukee

Alec Hartsuiker - alec@sportcourtwi.com
 Phone: 414-431-8665

5) Sport Court Lakeshore- Lake Geneva Area

John Engerman - john@lakeshoresportcourt.com
 Phone: 262-248-2631

Sport Court WI proudly serves local residential and commercial properties in Wisconsin. Have any backyard basketball court, tennis court, gym flooring, or multi-sport game court questions? Want to schedule a free estimate? Click here to contact us.